The UnLearning Effect

o   Are you deeply unsatisfied with your job?
o   Do you feel unproductive in your current work environment?
o   Would you like to be more in control of your work-life balance?
o   Does your hard work go unnoticed by your manager?
o   Ever wish you could be motivated, inspired and energized instantly in your workplace?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then know that you’re not alone. After over a decade of working with many organizations, from small firms to large multinationals, we have noticed that the majority of mid-level employees and managers struggle to find fulfillment at their workplace. But the good news is, this can be addressed so you can take control of your job satisfaction and motivation levels no matter what is happening around you.

You are a mid-career employee or manager in a full-time job. For at least the last 5 years, you’ve wanted to get ahead in life but are feeling trapped in your work environment. You want to provide a better life for you and your loved ones, but you don’t know how at this point. You know that you are worth much more and you’d really like to prove it to yourself and to the people that may not be recognizing your worth. You have many unexplored passions and you would love to start pursuing them if only you had the time. You want practical guidance to propel you forward despite your stressful environment or relationships with the people you work with. You are simply not fulfilled and are demotivated in your current job.

You have a fear of rejection and making mistakes, which stops you from expressing your views. You are not making a mark with your performance because of factors beyond your control. You find yourself negatively affected by politics and blame games at work. You feel like you are losing control of your work-life balance. You have long lost the spark and will to accomplish big career goals. Your hard work tends to be underappreciated by your managers. Problematic people at work constantly frustrate you. You feel trapped by the sheer lack of adequate systems in your company.
We also deliver The UnLearning Effect in-house to mid-level employees in organizations. We offer the added benefit of tailoring our mindset tools according to the root causes of motivational issues present in your Company. To enquire about The UnLearning Effect for your organization.

What You Need Most Right Now

What you need most right now is to discover techniques to remain motivated at work every day of the week. Find ways to collaborate with teams, colleagues and managers with greater ease. Respond to job-related criticism in such a way that others’ perception of you stays positive. Release worry, frustration, fear and anxiety within minutes. Achieve targets and goals with a higher sense of enjoyment. Receive greater respect and appreciation from others at work. Boost productivity while working less and create more time for a more balanced life.

About The UnLearning Effect

The UnLearning Effect is a 2-day experience specifically designed to give you the proven breakthrough techniques you need to take control of your job satisfaction and self-motivation. It focuses on helping you un-learn major beliefs that have kept you from being motivated and fulfilled at work. The UnLearning Effect will empower you with energy-centric practices that will re-tune your mindset. The workshop includes energy-based mindset, perception, and free-will tools. We share with you the tricks you can practice everyday to increase motivation levels at work, and to find fulfillment in each day on the job. Every participant will receive a takeaway manual of all principles and techniques covered.

Curriculum For 2 days

  • Using energy to stay motivated and appreciated at your job
  • Busting myths about the impact of genes on true talent and success
  • Executing routine and mundane tasks with renewed enthusiasm
  • Identifying thought patterns that enable confidence while executing tasks
  • Redefining work-life balance by challenging commonly-accepted
    definitions of hard work and time
  • Learning how to beat the blame-game at work
  • Expressing yourself at work fearlessly
  • Motivating yourself internally no matter what is happening around you

We laughed, thought, felt, and UnLearned!

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Mubeena Mohammed, Founder and CEO
Rashmi Badhwar, Mindset Specialist