Mubeena Mohammed offers these services:

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New Frontiers in Managing Organization Change.
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Mubeena Mohammed

Founder and CEO

Profile Highlights:

  • Thought Leader, Advisor and Facilitator in the UAE since 2003.
  • Author of “The SPEEDChange™ Project: The Paradigm That Transforms Teams Without Training” (2015).
  • B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, Hofstra University, New York (2001)
  • M.A. in Industrial / Organisational Psychology, Hofstra University, New York (2003)
  • Clientele includes Abu Dhabi and Dubai Government entities, multi-national private companies and large local family businesses in the Middle East.

Quote: “I facilitate breakthroughs in organisations without change management, training, cascading, recommendations or licensed tools.”

Association with Scholar Consultants:

After over a decade of excellence in advisory services all over the Middle East, Mubeena Mohammed rebranded her Company in 2014 to meet global demands for her expertise. As CEO of Scholar Consultants, the mission of her Company is to “build authentic connections between Management and their Human Capital”.

Roland Sullivan offers these services:

Whole-System Transformation™ for Organization Change.For more information
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New Frontiers in Managing Organization Change.
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Roland Sullivan

Organization Development Specialist

Profile Highlights:

  • Since the mid-1960's, he has been a full time Organization Development (OD) pioneer.
  • He has worked with over 2000 organizations in 20 countries and in virtually every major industry.
  • Author of one of the field's seminal books, “Practicing OD: A Consultant's Guide”, (Wiley/Jossey-Bass/Pfieffer), currently in its 5th edition.
  • Runner-up of the Outstanding Change Project of the World for his work with South Africa’s largest financial enterprise (ABSA).
  • Roland is credited with coining the term Whole-System Transformation™, a process for creating paradigm shifts in organizations, now offered exclusively in the UAE through Scholar Consultants.
  • Richard Beckhard, his late mentor and friend, who coined the phrase ‘Organization Development’ with Douglas McGregor (Theory Y and Theory X), recognized Roland to be among the world's first professional change agents.

Association with Scholar Consultants:

Roland Sullivan and Mubeena Mohammed met in 2004 at a conference in Dubai and have worked together to transform organizations in the UAE. Roland is currently transferring his skills and legacy to Scholar Consultants to bring Whole-System Transformation™ to the Middle East.

Rashmi Badhwar offers these services:

Mindset Coaching for Individual Motivation.For more information
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The UnLearning Effect for Individual Motivation.
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Rashmi Badhwar

Mindset Coach

Profile Highlights:

  • After 18 years in the financial services industry, she came to the realization of how her toxic work environment had affected her well-being
  • She has worked with hundreds of individuals using mindset techniques that enabled them to stay motivated in the workplace
  • Certified Hypnotherapist from Banyan Institute, USA
  • Certified Quantum Touch Healer and Trainer
  • Coaches individuals using the coaching model plus uses energy tools such as the Silva Method, Reiki, Visualization, Chi Gong and mindful meditation
  • Has personally experienced deep change in her motivation and satisfaction levels using energy techniques

Quote: “You too can fly if you take things lightly!”

Association with Scholar Consultants:

One of the goals of Scholar Consultants is to bring mindfulness into daily work life. We believe that organizations can only truly change when individuals gain personal mastery. To this end, Rashmi Badhwar and Mubeena Mohammed began an energetic collaboration since the year 2006 to empower individuals for self-motivation.

Dr. Peter Koestenbaum offers these services:

Whole-System Transformation™ for Organization Change. For more information click here.
Leadership Diamond® Assessment for Leaders. Click here

Dr. Peter Koestenbaum

Philosophy in Business Specialist

Profile Highlights:

  • Founder and Chairman of PiB and The Koestenbaum Institute
  • Degrees in Physics, Music, and Philosophy from Stanford (physics and philosophy), Harvard (philosophy), and Boston University (philosophy), University of California Berkeley, (music and philosophy)
  • Clients include IBM, Electronic Data Systems, Ford, Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis), Citibank, Volvo, Amoco, Xerox
  • His business books include Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness and Freedom and Accountability at Work
  • He has created The Leadership Diamond® model which applies philosophy to business and leadership greatness

Quote: “Take ownership for who you are. The rest is footnotes.”

Association with Scholar Consultants:

Dr. Peter Koestenbaum and Mubeena Mohammed met in 2006 at The Asian OD Conference in India. They discovered a common passion for applying Philosophy in the workplace. Dr. Koestenbaum is currently working with Scholar Consultants to bring The Leadership Diamond® model and philosophy to the Middle East.

Abdulmuttalib Hashim offers these services:

Emiratization Creative Lab. Click here

Abdulmuttalib Hashim

Nationalization Expert

Profile Highlights:

  • Founder and Chairman of Next Level and TBH Consultancy
  • Known for being one of the best success stories of a UAE national working in the private banking sector
  • He was invited to be part of the brainstorming and planning team for developing Dubai’s Strategic Plan for 2021
  • Works to assist organisations to build Emiratization strategies that go beyond recruitment
  • Actively involved in community projects such as and the development of Emirati entrepreneurs as a mentor and role model
  • He is one of the most sought after public speakers in the UAE and is regularly featured at conferences as a moderator and thought leader

Quote: “Emiratization needs to get into the DNA of an organization, and should move away from being a numbers or quota game.”

Association with Scholar Consultants:

Abdulmuttalib Hashim and Mubeena Mohammed met in 2014 via a mutual network. Their first conversation lasted more than 3 hours. Scholar Consultants and TBH became strategic partners on the culmination of intellectual exchanges over 6 months. Their goal together is to bring transformation and innovation in the journey of UAE’s vision.