The SPEEDChange™ Project

"When Training Does Not Work"

o  Is your training spend failing to realize the ROI for talent development?
o  Do you excuse training providers from following up after they deliver training programs?
o  Does your team avoid applying their training outcomes back on to the job?
o  Are your high potential employees left bored and uninterested during training?
o  Can you see signs of your human capital resisting critical new learning?

If you are a CEO, HR Manager or Department leader and have answered YES to any of these questions, it may be time to re-evaluate your ideas about training. After over a decade of working with many organizations, from small firms to large multinationals, we know what causes most training programs to fail in every way. But the good news is, this can be overturned with a new paradigm shift in learning and development. It sets change as the agenda and increases learning, engagement and guarantees a personal commitment to directly apply lessons to job performance.

As a CEO, Division Manager, or the Head of Human Resources, you are passionate about talent development in your company but feel that the big pieces of the puzzle are missing. Even though you have tried every training trick in the book, it’s just not working. You’d like to inspire your team to pivot your organization towards increased profits and market share, but are unable to do so with your current training methods. You are committed to your company’s goals, but getting teams to apply lessons learned in training back to the work environment is still elusive. You are looking for an alternative to traditional training that combines learning with change and action for achieving extraordinary business results.

Your organization as a whole struggles with justifying its training investment time and time again. Certain sections in your organization are not in line with corporate goals and are not performing despite the training and guidance. There are issues of trust between management and employees, which hinders the application of training onto the job. When external trainers dictate what is to be done, it is rejected due to the lack of buy-in. Your company has the key business strategies to win customers and manage competitors, but resistance to learning does not allow these strategies to win. Not meeting training needs at all levels leads your company to stagnate in the face of missed opportunities.
To experience The SPEEDChange™ Project for your team, meet us for more of the fine details. We propose to cover how learning, development, implementation and change are possible without rigidly structured programs and without speakers or trainers.

What Your Organization Needs Most Right Now

What organizational and team leaders need most right now is to discover a new paradigm in learning and development, not yet seen in the Middle East. Your leaders need to face the truth behind why most training initiatives fail, and to know why more of the same training techniques are simply not enough to develop talent. Explore the key to transforming your organization’s learning culture is so that development occurs and is embraced holistically with real on-the-job application. Make way for the new edge in talent development that has implications on realizing potential, impacting on-the-job performance, creating individual commitment to grow and affecting change in the context of the business environment.

About The SPEEDChange™ Project

The SPEEDChange™ Project is a transformative 1-week experience specifically designed to enhance a team's learning and development on any key Topic Of Priority (TOP). The SPEEDChange™ Project combines learning with breaking the resistance needed to apply that learning back to the job. SPEEDChange™ focuses on the collective intelligence of the team, harnessing a commitment to develop as an individual, without experts, speakers or trainers. Our unique Change In A Week™ process covers three intense activities over one week that will embed learning plus sow the seeds to a new culture around your Topic Of Priority (TOP). Say goodbye to experts and trainers who come and go with boxed programs to be forgotten the day after. And say hello to learning and application surfacing from within your core team.

Change In A Week™ Process

Aspiration Session. "Let’s write our destiny"
o  Defining a Topic of Priority (TOP) with the CEO or Project Owner
o  Selecting the core team for ownership in the SPEEDChange™ project
o  Determining the vision and change needed in the core team to achieve learning goals

Design Team Collaboration. "Let’s design the day that will make history"
o  Entrusting a 3-member Design Team with the role of co-agents of SPEEDChange™
o  Designing the most transformational learning event ever set in the history of the team
o  Harnessing the Design Team’s knowledge of the organization’s culture and strengths

Change In A Week™ Experience. "Let’s co-create undeniable change"
o  Running the penultimate learning event with a team of 8 on the Topic of Priority (TOP)
o  Using collective intelligence in creating a Change Blueprint for the Topic of Priority (TOP)
o  Setting team and individual on-the-job plans to apply learning goals directly to the job


Mubeena Mohammed, Founder and CEO
Roland Sullivan, Whole-System Transformation™ Specialist