• The SPEEDChange™ Project

    Is your company frustrated with the ineffectiveness of training?

    Impact your team’s learning and performance in just one week without trainers, speakers, consultants or experts.

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  • Whole-System Transformation™

    Does your company's change management projects fail to deliver on its promises?

    Get breakthrough business results faster and deeper while engaging, inspiring and building trust in one go.

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  • Leadership Legend

    Do your leaders take ownership for who they are and apply that in business?

    Re-invent leadership by exploring how personal vision, reality, ethics and courage impact looming decisions.

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  • HR Coaching Program

    Trouble defining HR’s relevance in terms of your company's profitability?

    Align your HR activities to increase business benefits such as market share, customer service, and brand image.

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  • Emiratization Creative Lab

    Falling short of leveraging Emiratization as a business strategy?

    Experience the ideation process that the UAE Government uses to embed Emiratization into your company’s DNA.

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  • Engagement Focus

    Missing that elusive link between employee engagement and employee performance?

    Create your company’s employee engagement paradigm to mirror your customer, business and quality models.

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  • UnLearning Effect

    Are you or your people deeply demotivated, unhappy or resentful at work?

    Unlearn common assumptions about hard work, time, promotions, genes, and learn self-motivation without blame.

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