New Frontiers in Organization Change

  • Is your organization missing opportunities due to untapped potential?
  • Are your organization’s business units trapped into strict silos?
  • Does your company lack a culture of accountability?
  • Are trust levels at your organization at an all time low?
  • Are your key employees showing signs of complacency and loss of commitment?

If you are a CEO, HR Manager or Department leader and have answered YES to any of these questions, then it may be time for an Organization Change intervention. After over a decade of working with many organizations, from small firms to large multinationals, we know what causes organizations to resist the change they need and why as many as 70% of Change Management initiatives fail. But the good news is, this can be overturned with the knowledge of emerging new frontiers in managing change that have yet to come to the Middle East.

As a CEO, Division Manager, or the Head of Human Resources, you are passionate about bringing change in your company but feel that the big pieces of the puzzle are missing. Even though you have considerable influence in your organization through your decisions, you haven’t mastered the art of being a true champion of change. You’d like to inspire your team to pivot your organization towards increased profits and market share, but are unable to do so with transparency. You are committed to your company as a business partner, but getting your teams to work as one unit towards a shared vision is still elusive. You want to know the secrets of creating organization change for achieving extraordinary business results.

Your organization as a whole struggles with problems of efficiency that crop up time and time again. Certain sections in your organization are not in line with corporate goals and are not performing despite the training and guidance they are given. There are issues of trust between management and employees, which hinders the achievement of Key Performance Indicators. Any new system or initiative is rejected due to the lack of buy-in. Your company has the key business strategies to win customers and manage competitors, but certain “old ways of doing things” do not allow these strategies to win. Change is resisted at all levels and the organization does not adapt to meet the demands of global business.

What Your Organization Needs Most Right Now

What organizational leaders need most right now is to discover the new philosophy and trend in managing Organization Change, not yet seen in the Middle East. Your company needs to increase its knowledge on why most change initiatives fail, and to know why changes to strategies, policies and business processes are not enough to reach the organization’s desired results. Learn about what the key to transforming your organization’s culture is so that change is possible and is embraced wholistically. Receive the new tenets of managing Organization Change that have implications on realizing potential, increasing cross-functional agility, creating accountability and building high trust teams.

About New Frontiers in Organization Change

New Frontiers in Organization Change is a transformative 1-day experience specifically designed to share the new knowledge about managing Change. The seminar will challenge CEOs, Department Heads, Human Resource Managers and key decision-makers to go beyond traditional change management theory. New Frontiers in Organization Change will introduce leaders to Whole-System Transformation™, implemented in many countries and successfully proven to bring change-readiness to the entire organizational system. The seminar promises to provide the perfect first step for leaders who want to re-initiate change in their organizations.


  • Defining the relationship between Change Management and Organization Development
  • Understanding three contemporary Change models
  • Introducing Whole-System Transformation™, the new frontier for the Middle East
  • Analyzing a global case study on successful Organization Change
  • Identifying the competencies an Internal Change Agent needs
  • Q&A with us on your organization’s particular challenges

Calendar of Upcoming Workshop:

Have a glimpse of the event conducted on December 13th in Dubai,


Mubeena Mohammed, Founder and CEO
Roland Sullivan, Whole-System Transformation™ Specialist