The HR Coaching Program

"What Your HR Department Should Be, Do and Have"

o   Does your HR function more like an administrative office rather than a strategic business unit?
o  Is your HR team skilled enough to manage the organization-wide change needed for growth?
o   As a business owner, do you feel lost when it comes to evaluating the ROI of your HR Manager?
o   Are you failing to empower your HR Manager to authorize personnel-related decisions?
o   Would you like Human Resources to be able to impact your company’s bottom-line?

If you are a CEO, Business Owner, or Stakeholder and have answered YES to any of these questions, it may be time to enhance the capabilities of your Human Resources department and increase the relevance of your HR Manager. After over a decade of working with many organizations, from small firms to large multinationals, we still see HR Departments falling behind strategically time and again. Without real contribution to the organization’s goals, Human Resources merely hides behind a door sign. But the good news is, this can be overturned with our HR Coaching Program, an intense 3-month journey to transform your HR Department into the partner your business needs.

As a CEO, Business Owner, or Stakeholder, you are eager to make employee productivity and efficiency a top priority in your company but feel that essential pieces of the puzzle are missing. Even though you have laid down policies and procedures that meet the labour law standards, your HR function is no more than an enforcer of set policies and policing of employee behavior. You’d like to inspire your best employees to pivot your business towards increased profits and market share, but are unable to do so with the current capabilities of the HR department. You are committed to your company’s goals, but the company culture that would enable them is still elusive. You are ready to establish key HR essentials such as performance, development, engagement and competency frameworks for achieving extraordinary business results.

Your organization is a growing entity and is at a critical juncture in terms of managing people. Certain sections in your organization are not in line with corporate goals and your HR Department isn’t up to stepping up and taking control of people performance. There are issues of trust between management and employees and a lack of accountability is threatening the potential of your company. Strong resistance from your people to the current Human Resources practices is the probable cause of many bottlenecks to progress. Your company has the key business strategies to win customers and manage competitors - but fear, lack of trust, low engagement, and inadequate levels of desire to achieve on the part of your employees do not allow these strategies to win. Your company is ready for the next level only if its able to meet opportunities that are supported by enhancing your best talent.
To experience The HR Coaching Program, meet us for designing a coaching structure based on your goals and the current strengths of your HR team.

What Your Organization Needs Most Right Now

What your organization needs most right now is to raise the standards of its HR practices, systems and capabilities. The Human Resources team at your company needs to be transformed into a strategic business partner that contributes to the bottom-line. You as a leader need to empower your HR Department to make the right decisions for the selection, development, performance and engagement of your biggest assets, your people. Your HR Manager should be facilitating your business unit heads in personnel decisions by consultation instead of merely following their orders. Move your current HR team away from administrative tasks such as monitoring sick leaves or updating the employee database. It is high time to let your HR Manager receive coaching on how to foster a unique workplace culture with the best practices in Human Resource Management, enabling your organization to be an employer of choice.

About The HR Coaching Program

The HR Coaching Program is a 3-month series of exercises, coaching and accountability sessions specifically designed to transform your HR function into a strategic business partner. The program’s major benefit is to increase the effectiveness of internal HR practices to such a level that it vitally contributes to the organization’s business model, profitability, customer experience and brand image. The HR Coaching Program can be best described as agile, relevant, practical and impactful with an experiential edge that is not found in a typical certification course. It focuses on equipping your HR Manager with new paradigms and best practices that increase the business impact of your human capital. Our coaching structure ensures that all assignments are applied to the work environment and results get monitored. We also guarantee your HR Manager harnessing a commitment to develop as an individual, and being inspired to stay relevant to the dynamic needs your organization demands. Say goodbye to HR certifications and courses that force your HR team to fit to their molds. And say hello to the most personally relevant program for empowering HR so that your human capital reaches the heights your company deserves.

Curriculum Modules

o  Understanding how HR can be a business partner to departments with ROI criteria
o  Building trust with employees and establishing a best practice model for workplace culture
o  Auditing current HR practices and prioritizing needs for the company
o  Designing 3 HR systems based on pre-identified organizational priorities
o  Pilot testing 1 strategic HR system with a subsection of the organization with ROI indicators
o  Introducing the HR Manager to be an Agent of Change


Mubeena Mohammed, Founder and CEO