Free Action Plan Offer

We'd like to help with a FREE 2-hour no obligation best practice session that draws from our experience of what has worked best in organisations in the Middle East. Address your business challenge with best practices and an action plan you can implement right away with no financial investment.

The SPEEDChange™ Project

The SPEEDChange™ Project is a transformative 1-week experience specifically designed to enhance a team’s learning and development on any key Topic Of Priority (TOP). The SPEEDChange™ Project combines learning with breaking the resistance needed to apply that learning...

Corporate Profile

Download Scholar Consultants 2016 Corporate Profile here. Get to know not only what we do, but why you should be working with us!

New Frontiers in Organization Change

New Frontiers in Organization Change is a transformative 1-day experience specifically designed to share the new knowledge about...

Whole-System Transformation™
Essentials and Case Studies

The 10 essentials of Transformation, the emerging trends in Organization Development and 5 global case studies.